Why this blog? Just to find pricing…

I have a blog hosted elsewhere, using wordpress.org software, because WordPress is great software for blogging. So why start a blog here?

Because WordPress.com decided that marketing through obfuscation is the way to make money. In so doing they cost me a half hour of futile searching, and that twisted my knickers, that’s why!

WordPress.com offers a good free blog site, and, (it turns out), very reasonably priced extended services. Yet unless you already have a blog here, there is no way to easily find their upgrade pricing.

I already had a basic membership (no blog) account, so I completed their support form. I didn’t really expect a response today, so I also set up this dummy blog to see if I could find pricing as an existing blogger. Sure enough, once I had the blog, I could find the pricing.

But much to my surprise, their support responded with the pricing in about the time it took me to set up this blog. Here is the wordpress.com help desk’s response with complete, simple, clear pricing (effective as of 5/22/2010)

Here are the current prices:

$9.97 - Domain Mapping (if you already own a domain name)
$14.97 - Domain Registration + Domain Mapping
$14.97 - Custom CSS
$29.97 - Unlimited Private Users
$29.97 - No-Ads
$59.97 - VideoPress
$19.97 - 5GB Space Upgrade
$49.97 - 15GB Space Upgrade
$89.97 - 25GB Space Upgrade
$159.97 - 50GB Space Upgrade
$289.97 - 100GB Space Upgrade

Each price is a yearly fee per blog.


I admit I was tempted to respond to their email with one saying “See? That didn’t hurt so much, did it?” However, I decided to post the details here instead. My hope is that the Google and/or Bing crawler might index this information and others might be saved the frustration I experienced. After all, it doesn’t seem too much to ask to have easy access to the information needed to make a sound decision about hosting. (The fact that wordpress.com answers helpdesk queries within minutes is another good reason to consider them.)

PS – I blog elsewhere on photography and life. You can read my blog at http://www.aheld.com.

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